.:. My Sanctuary .:.

A place to hide,
A place to free myself,
A place for all my thoughts

Happy birthday to me.
I got my Totoro friend here with me <3
#birthday #me #totoro #instadaily.  (at .:.The Garden of Words.:.)
Reading time.
“Nếu găp người ấy, cho tôi gửi lời chào.” - Ichikawa Takuji. (at .:.The Garden of Words.:.)
Feelin’ like u r looking right at me…
Being by my side… (at .:.The Garden of Words.:.)
To find a place where you are trully belonged is an unending quest… At least for me…
Even with friends surround me, I still feel so out of the place. Both with-in and with-out of the crowd. 
Why it is so difficult for me?
Sometimes I wish I Would just disappear, vanish from this world leaving no trace behind… 
•hug• come on… Be strong… :)

Wandering in Botanic Garden, so peaceful and beautiful… (at Adelaide Botanic Garden)

Well if adelaide was a girl, she would be a very emotional one.
She has been crying out loud a lot these days but I am luckily to manage to capture some rare moments of sunlight and warmth. 
Recently, I think I, too, have become emotional like Adelaide. I am starting to feel… lonely or more like isolated.
For a foreign student and especially a person likes me, loneliness is my worst fear. It likes a predator lurking in the dark, waiting patiently for the right moment when the prey is incautious. Then with a swift move, it catches the prey and completely devour the poor victim… And I am believing that I am consumed by this predator…
I hope I will stay strong… not doing anything stupid I hope…
Look!  A heart for this cold day <3 (at Cibo Espresso Rundle Street)

Hot drink for a raining day <3
#hot #drink #chocolate #raining #day (at Steven ter Horst Chocolatier)

Tối về luôn là cảm giác sợ nhất.
Sợ ở một mình lắm.
Sợ cô đơn&#8230;
Mạnh mẽ lên nào!