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Its a beautiful day, gorgeous weather today <3 (at Cibo Espresso Rundle Street)
"Nếu gặp người ấy, cho tôi gửi lời chào…" (at .:.Garden of Words.:.)
Hell is all within iin one word: Loneliness… (at .:.Garden of Words.:.)
#Totoro #tee <3 (at .:.Garden of Words.:.)
Chỉ hnay thôi nhé, ngày của những nhớ nhung :)
[09.09.2014] (at .:.Garden of Words.:.)
Do you feel lucky today?  ;) (at .:.Garden of Words.:.)

Nighty night everyone ;) (at .:.Garden of Words.:.)



omfg that is just too adorable

i can show you the world

This is a whole new level of cuteness <3 O_o

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Last night, it was that dream again. The same room, the same people and the same thing happened again&#8230;
I wonder if this is a normal thing or not&#8230;
Come what may&#8230;Expect nothing from everything and you will never be disappointed&#8230;I am so cracking up&#8230; to find myself in such a state, sometimes its both fascinated and terrified. Is this the way that we all eventually ended up? [02.09.2014]